8 Makeup Hacks & Tips for Prom

Prom is something that every girl waits for and when the day finally comes she has to make sure she is in her best beautiful part. As long as it is known, high school girls often tend to get things complicated when it comes to getting ready for a prom night. As compared to guys, who just have to get the minimal prep work done before the final big day, girls pile up loads of questions in their mind that can range from the selection of dress, getting their prom makeup done perfectly, matching the makeup with the accessories and much more.

Hence, to make things simple and easy for the high school grown-ups, we have listed down a few prom makeup hacks that can easily come in handy at any point of time to rescue you from getting embarrassed. Listed below, are the tips that will for sure make you look great and have that prom night remembered forever.

Find out more below-

  • First things first, to get any work done, you need to jot down the things on a piece of paper with a plan to follow up. Once you have a plan in place, then things can get a lot easier to cover. Say 3-4 months before you can get the dress selected, start looking up for your senior’s choices as for how they have been dressing up on their prom nights. Also get tips for hair and makeup.
  • The basic checklist for any prom would cover up in few things like the dress that you are wearing fits you to the best and if it does not then get it done before the prom night. Have the shoes and jewellery, like bracelets, necklace and all the rings, ready to complete your glamorous look.
  • Get your hair & makeup done with a professional hair & makeup artist or you can try on DIY looks if you don’t want to spend.
  • Coming to the perfume part, make sure you have tried the perfume before the D day and get it confirmed with your partner whether he has any allergies related to any of the perfumes that you are planning to put up.
  • The bag that you will be carrying on the prom night must be good enough to keep all the essentials that you might require in case of emergency and it should also get along with the dress that you are wearing.
  • Things that will go into your prom clutch can be something like a perfume along with some bobby pins. A hairspray and a comb will also ease your hair work if it needs to be given a touch-up. Blotting sheets and the phone should fit in easily into your clutch. Don’t forget to have a mini makeup kit along with lipstick and some safety pins just in case of an emergency. Also, to avoid bad breath, our suggestion would be to keep few mints or gums with you.
  • On the day before the prom night, get your nails done with the looks that match up your dress, hair and makeup. Don’t get it too glossy or too low light, get the best range and have a dashing night.
  • A few makeup tips to end with; we would suggest you make use of matte eye-shadows, face primer, curled lashes and smudged or winged eyeliner.

Hope these prom makeup hacks might come in handy for your prom night. Come back for more makeup tips.

Do let us know how you felt throughout. If you have any suggestions or any tips that you would like to share, the comment box is all yours. I love my readers to get the best ideas in the simplest possible way, so what are you waiting for, if you are aware of any more hacks, just pin them down and we will be more than happy to share them.

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