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Welcome to my page or I should say my life. I am Katerina Rapoport Makeup and Hair artist behind all this. This blog post is about me and my work. I would like to introduce myself and tell you where I come from personally and professionally.

Since I remember myself I loved my moms makeup. My mom had many fancy treasures and it was biggest joy to open and smell them . I would play with her glam box and apply everything I can on my face when no one is looking. I would even use watercolour paints on my face as makeup lol. Love for makeup started a while back but it’s not until later I pursed it professionally.

Here we go from the the beginning. I immigrated to a Canada with my family in the 1990s and we had to work hard to survive here. At the time in this new land of opportunities it was unimaginable to have a dream and unthinkable to go after it. As a teen I went through fun makeup stage and looking at photos now I think “what was I thinking?” lol.  My prom hair alone was masterpiece. I think many of you know this 😉 In addition to love for makeup first and foremost I was artist. In high school and while growing up I created number of paintings and craft pieces over the years. I just loved creating beauty with my hands. As regular teenager I flipped burgers for my pocket money at Harvey’s restaurant and I will tell you looking back to over 20 years ago to that teen job it was the best time of my life. Feeling invincible and having no real responsibilities what else is there ? Enjoy Life 🙂
After high school I went on to study graphic arts and graduated three year program from George Brown College. When I started to work in the field I did not like to do graphic design at all. It was anything but creative for me. So I went on and came up with even better idea which was to work in a financial institution. What can I say “the money was very good and it’s only for a bit until I figure things out right?” Some of you are familiar with too lol. It took me over six years to figure it out and finally leave and not look back. Since I did not really have any specific dream other then I liked being creative with hands I decided to take on another job. I went on to work in Swiss Chalet as dining room manager. It did not take me long to realize it’s not my cup of tea and I was gone. I went on and finally landed a bit more creative position and started to work in Toronto Star with online classifieds website. I have to admit it was one of my most favourite corporate positions. Unfortunately love for this job lasted only so long and after three years we went our separate ways. Good news while working corporate I took on studying make up professionally and started to do work part time as makeup artist. I realized my love for this craft right away. For first time in my life I could say I love what I do. It took some time before I started to have my clients and in the meantime I continued to study and practice. I believed if I do great work then word will get out and I will get many bookings. Then and now I constantly challenge myself and I am my most demanding work critic. I strive for my work to be only high quality and deliver flawless results. I have made many mistakes and it only pushed me to learn and get better. I get asked where did I study or am I self thought. It’s a bit of both. In the earlier stages of my makeup journey I studied at Paramida Makeup Academy which gave me great foundation as a beginner. After this course i got involved in the beauty and bridal communities where I met like minded artists and we collaborated to create portfolio works. As freelancer portfolio is your store, your business card and your key presentation. From this potential clients decide to book you. Being makeup artist might look glam but let me tell you without true love for the craft you will not last a day. Makeup artist is responsible for lifetime of Wedding photos in someone’s life. We don’t have summers or weekends whatsoever. We start very early and work all day. Still sounds glam ? So here I was trying to make it. It took many makeup applications later to get confident to create beauty on many different faces. Sometimes I laugh and hope no one takes this personally btw. I see some claiming to be makeup artists and their Instagram and I see only their selfies with fabulous makeup. Let me clarify you are only professional makeup artist if do work on others . I m going to leave it at that you know the rest. After several years demand for hairstyling grew more and more so I decided to learn bridal and special events hairstyling. I had zero background in hairstyling other then styling my own hair. I signed up for bridal hair course at Design 8000 hair school. This program gave me solid beginning with hairstyling and I started to explore into the field. After working with both hair and makeup I can conclude that “Makeup is paining and Hairstyling is sculpting”. Both give me great pleasure to do as I like to complete the whole look. Time passed I realized I needed advanced trade skills to create luxurious and unique styles. I spend tons of time to research, find and learn from industry top pros. The way I see it to be the best got to learn from the best. If you do something do it well! Do it will all your passion and give it everything. I was fortunate to find advanced professionals and studied many hours every week to advance my skills and expertise. I am on the mission to provide Canadian Brides with big selection of luxury styles, top expertise and flawless results. I spend my time with every bride to insure every hair piece is in the right place and makeup is flawless from every angle. I take pride in my work and continuing to excel in my craft. I do not have expectations to appeal or be liked by every client, everyone has their preference and likes. However when Bride is looking for luxurious bridal make up and hairstyling master for her Wedding and shine like real Queen I am your girl. I spend time with each bride during initial consultation, trial appointments, events leading up to big day and Wedding Day it self. I am the one in my company who always looks after the bride and insures that your Wedding Make up and Hairstyle is on point, flawless and lasts.

Big Plans for 2019-2020

I will travelling to Europe and USA to take additional advanced master hairstyling and makeup courses to offer bigger selections and latest Wedding styling trends for my brides and clients. Stay tuned for latest updates on our blog and social media channels. I also have big project in works and I can’t wait to share Huge News with you and believe me it is very difficult to keep it to myself.  But I have policy not to share incomplete work, very soon big announcement is coming up that will change beauty industry forever.

This is Me 🙂

I thank you for your time to read my big little story 🙂

Katerina Rapoport

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