All About Makeup Brushes – The Ultimate Guide

Make-up is an art, and just like an artist requires different kinds of brushes to paint a perfect picture, so do we need a good collection of brushes to do great make-up and get the desired glamorous look. Today we will talk all about makeup brushes and where each one of them can be used.

These eight kinds of makeup brushes are needed by every make-up artist and even make-up enthusiastic to reach your desired effect:

The powder brush

The powder brush is the largest make-up brush everyone should have in their closets. It serves a variety of purposes. It is soft, full and rounded to easily pick up powder products and apply it to large surface areas such as the face, and neck.

The stippling brush

The stippling brush is a multi-purpose brush. It’s most commonly used with liquid foundation, blush, and bronze. This flat, circular, feathery head provides a lightweight coverage to your face.

The concealer brush

This brush is perfect to apply the concealer for smooth and flawless coverage of the skin blemishes, dark spots, and pigmented spots or under eye dark circles.

The blusher brush

The blusher brush is used to apply the blush perfectly to the apple of your cheeks and temples. Its made with gentle fine fibers.

The contouring brush

This brush is made of slanting fibers and bristles to mimic the angle of your cheekbones. It is perfect to blend, highlight, and shade using the contours bronzers or illuminating powder.

Eye base brush and Angle eyeshadow brush

There are many kinds of eyeshadow brushes available in the market. The two most commonly used ones are the eye base brush and contour eyeshadow brush. The eye base shadow brush is wide and flat that it easy to apply eyeshadow to the eyelids. Once the eyeshadow base color is applied, the eyeshadow brush is used for layering the color and contouring.

Smudger Brush

it is often found on the other end of an eye pencil. The smudger brush is perfect for softening hard lines and creating a smoldering look. It is a dome-shaped brush to perfectly fit the crease of the eye. It is a must-have brush to create smokey eyes.

Lip brush

A lip brush is a great tool to achieve a perfect line when you do not have a lip liner with you. The lip brush has a sculpted tip, and it pertains precise application and lining of the lips. The short and firm bristles of the lip brush will give a flawless coverage to your lips.

Use your makeup brushes wisely! As the rainy season is just around the corner, know more about how to care for your skin on a rainy day. There are a lot more kinds of makeup brushes which are out there in the market. There are so many different kinds of brushes it can be a daunting task to master the use of each makeup brush. These eight kinds of makeup brushes are perfect for the beginners to try their hand at make-up. These 8 kinds of brushes are in every make-up artist’s kit. Even a basic make-up requires the correct application of these brushes to achieve the best results.

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