Beauty products to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase in every woman’s life that change her and her lifestyle completely. Starting from her food habits to her beauty products, suddenly everything starts revolving around her baby. Trust me I know how protective and concerned a pregnant mother can be for her unborn baby. We start adopting all healthy habits and using all healthy products so that nothing goes wrong with the baby. And if you are a pregnant woman and want to choose healthy products than you better read this post as we will be sharing all the beauty products that might harm your baby.

1. Nail Products

You might not know what your nail products can do to your unborn baby. Most of the nail enamels and other products are made of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. During pregnancy, these chemicals can cause dangerous effects. Birth anomalies, developmental issues in your unborn baby and stillbirth are some of the adverse impacts of such chemicals. Not only avoid these chemicals but make sure that you do not sue any beauty product that contains any of these chemicals in them during your pregnancy. Try natural nail products that are free from these chemicals and are completely harmless for your unborn baby.

2. Sunscreen lotion and creams

Sunscreen lotion and cream is something that you practically not avoid as it is necessary to protect your skin while you are out in the sun. Although you should know which one is harmful and which are harmless during your pregnancy. There are basically two types of sun protection creams one which contains chemical and the one which is more of physical protection. Sunscreens which are made up of chemicals mainly have Avobenzone and Oxybenzone in them. These chemicals during pregnancy can cause various allergies. Which is why it is advised to avoid such sunscreens during your pregnancy period.

3. Tanning spray

Want to get a tan during your pregnancy? You better give it thought twice! It has been found in researches that almost every tanning sprays contain chemicals like DHA. And it has been proved by experts that DHA is extremely hazardous during pregnancy for the unborn baby. Such chemicals not only damage the DNA of the baby growing inside you but also can cause many more diseases which are tremendously dangerous for your baby. Rather opt for natural tanning. Go for a sunbath if you want to get that tan during your pregnancy. Sunbath will not only give you the desired tan but also help you provide vitamin D to the baby.

4. Hair Removal Products

All items that are utilized for hair removal contain thioglycolic acid as their primary ingredient, and these are turned out to be a hazardous synthetic when you are pregnant. You better opt for razors during your pregnancy to avoid any effect on your baby. Even if you do not want to use any blade on your body, you can always go for natural hair removal wax. There are various other hair removal products available which are chemical free and safe during pregnancy to use.

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