Care your skin on a rainy day

It is a general belief that taking care of skin is in mind of women only. But that is not a case! Be it taking care of the skin or taking care of the health, both men and women are equally responsible. Different seasons and weather conditions affect our skin differently. In the present rainy season, you need to know how to take care of your skin on a rainy day.

Your body becomes sensitive during the rainy season; it loses its immunity a bit. Plus, various diseases, especially, skin diseases are more often to affect your body during this season. The skin issues like eczema, prickly heat boils are very usually in the rainy season.

This article is to share a few tips which will help you to care your skin on a rainy day and be fresh and happy with yourself no matter what.

Use a mild face wash:

The essential step you can take to care your skin on a rainy season is to have a gentle face wash. In rainy season you skin is sensitive and hence using homemade face wash to cleansing the skin would be recommended.

Drink enough water:

This tip would not just take care of your skin on a rainy day but would also help to stay away from digestion issues and boost your metabolism too. Drinking a minimum of 2-3 liters of water would help you to care your skin on a rainy day. It will make sure your skin gets enough oxygen throughout the day.


The best way to care your skin on a rainy day and make it more lively is to involve in the exfoliating process. Use a high-quality scrub or facial kit to stop becoming your skin a breeding surface for bacteria and skin germs.

Control Your Craze For Makeup:

Ladies, we know you love standing in front of the mirror and spend hours in makeup. Even men nowadays apply different creams. But in the rainy season, makeup is the last thing you would do. Do not allow any artificial material to enter your skin during the rainy season.

Homemade face packs

As we have already said, you can care your skin on a rainy day by merely indulging into natural, handmade beauty enhancing steps. You can use honey, turmeric, lemon juice, curd, dried skin of oranges to apply on your skin. These ingredients will moisturize your skin.

Use SLS free shampoo

Pollution is everywhere. Previously dancing in the rain was fun, but nowadays if you want to dance in the rain, you better keep in mind that this rain is contaminated by chemicals. So, to be able to keep your hair and scalp skin unaffected, you are recommended to use SLS free shampoo. SLS free shampoo is mind in nature and hence maintain the balance of the health of the hair and scalp skin.

The rainy season will come each year, so we better not ignore these small skin care tips. May you spend every rainy season with healthier skin.

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