Don’ts List for Makeup Newbies – Tips from a Professional

There are like a thousand question to ask and none to answer when it comes to makeup. Especially for newbies, it is very confusing with so many products to use but no idea how and when. Thus, a do’s and don’ts list for makeup newbies will prove to be very effective. Most of us learn makeup by the trial and error method. We all have had days of makeup disasters, yet we manage to come up with damage control steps for our failures. From tips, tricks, trends, hacks to secrets and DIY, you get each and everything over your fingertips nowadays. Sometimes with so many tips, it becomes very confusing especially if you have just started with the stuff. Although, you can flush half of your confusions if you know what not to do. Here we have come up with a

Don’ts list for makeup newbies

Don’t make your makeup kit heavy unnecessarily

If you are just stepping your first foot on the makeup world, then it is advised not to be overexcited and buy a bunch of products you see in the market. Every individual has their own sense of style and different skin types. It is not necessary that what your friend uses will compliment your skin type. So always start out with very basic makeup products to know which product is the best fit for your face skin and style. Once you know the essential makeup products that compliment your skin, you will be able to make more firm and correct choices of products for you.

Less is more, don’t try to overdo

Less is the new trend, and nowadays even professional makeup artists prefer to do less in terms of makeup. And just a dab of blush and eyeliner with mascara will do the work for you. Start with less and work your way up to new styles and the trendy ones. Also, don’t forget to prepare your skin for makeup first to get that professional touch.

Don’t forget the brows

Being a makeup beginner one of the most important things is to know your best features and flaunt them. For most of the girls one of their most important features is their brows, but unfortunately, we do not pay attention to them. Eyebrows not only compliment and highlight your eyes but also gives a more defined and sleek look to your face. Even though everyone has a different natural brow shape but still you can be a bit playful with your brows. With numerous reasonable products out there to fill in your brow in different shapes and shade, getting a great brow is definitely not an issue.

Don’t miss out on the fun!

Last but not the least, don’t forget to have fun with your makeup. Always remember it’s all about trying new things and having fun! Try out bright shades, colored liners, new makeup trends and more. There will be times when you will laugh at your makeup disasters; also times when you will come up with an outstanding look for yourself. Moreover, makeup is an art and more you try more you learn. Don’t give up on trying as practice make you perfect!

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