Eye liner tricks to make your eyes look bigger

The beautiful eye is a feature that can totally enhance your looks. Big and beautiful eyes are what everyone desires. Though some women are blessed with big eyes many women are not. This does not mean that they can never sport bigger eyes. They can simply make use of the best eyeliner to get the appearance. The right technique and tricks need to be followed to get it right. The eyeliner can be a gel liner, pencil or a liquid eye liner whichever is comfortable to the user for the application.

Eyes which look bigger and brighter also give a younger look, and makes you look awake. If you have an almond-shaped eye, and desire to create big eyes, eye liner is a very useful cosmetic tool to create an illusion using clever tricks and tips.
The most basic trick to be applied with the eye liner for bigger eyes is that the line will be thin at the inner corners and thicker at the outer corners. Apart from an eye liner you will be also needing a concealer, eye primer, eye liner brush, an eyelash curler and a mascara.

The first step to get those desirable big eyes is to moisturize the eyes using an under eye cream and sometimes a concealer is also required to fully cover up those dark circles under your eyes. Apart from this, it essential to keep the brows in good shape. It is important to visit the salon at frequent intervals to shape your eyebrows following the natural shape of your eyes.

The next step is to make use of an eye primer. An eye primer is as essential as a face primer. It is mostly recommended for women who have oily lids. The use of a primer can increase the longevity of your eye liner and eyeshadow.

The eye liner is then to be used to make an arc shape line and fill in thicker with the eye liner brush. The line should be thicker towards the outer corner of the eyes and thinner towards the inner corner of the eyes.

The next step should be the application of the eye liner on the bottom lash line, starting from the point where the liner ends on the outer edge of the upper lash line. Apply the eye liner inwards on the lower lash line to form a kind of V-shape.

Never apply the liner to the waterline. It should always be applied just below the lashes to give you a larger eye appearance. Whenever the eye liner is applied on the waterline it will actually give your eyes a shrinking look. Instead of making your eyes look bigger, it makes it appear smaller.

This is the technique you need to follow to get those bigger eyes appearance. After the completion of the eye liner application, it is essential to just curl those lashes using a curler and then simply apply the mascara.

Follow these simple eye liner tricks to make your eyes look bigger and sport those gorgeous big eyes to enhance your eyes and mesmerise people around you with beautiful eyes.

Compliment your beautiful eyeliners and enhance your beauty with a perfect foundation for your skin. Know a few tips on how to choose and apply foundation flawlessly. Keep visiting this page for more information topics related to makeup and how to keep your best looks up always.

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