Gift Your Mom The Makeup Pampering She Deserves This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you’re still in search of the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life, to show her how much you care, then your search ends right here. Well, if she has the same obsession like you have for beauty products then why not treat her with some new goodies which will be a perfect addition to her makeup and skin care routine? To help her brighten her complexion and her day as well,we have picked some items. Tie them together as a bouquet with some chocolates of her choice and an appointment with a beauty artist to give her that pampering she deserves. Ta da! You’ve got a pretty neat gift right there for her. What do you think?


Refill her makeup bag with the following

MOISTURIZER – As the skin matures, the ability to renew surface cells slows down that results in a buildup of dead cells on the surface. This eventually hides the natural pink tone and complexion becomes dull, thereby losing the skin’s natural rosy tone of youth. A moisturizer will help in renewing those dead cells and will give your mom a brand new look which she will definitely love.

FACE MASK – To take the rosy radiance, that the moisturizer is going to provide, to the next level, gift her with an anti-ageing Face Mask. It will help in gently removing dirt and impurities, leaving your mom’s skin radiant, subtle and glowing.

PRIMER – A good quality primer will not only brighten your mom’s complexion but will also provide a long-lasting hydration. These are often very light-weight and non-greasy, therefore your mom’s beauty will be looking dewy from all angles. Suggest her to use as it is or as a makeup base for smooth and illuminated base.

CC CREAM – If your mom is always on the go then she won’t be able to follow a 10-step makeup routine. For her you can gift a CC cream which will suit her busy lifestyle, while giving her the flawless look she needs and deserves. The goodness of Vitamin C and calcium that this cream possess helps deliver five age-correction actions like reducing the appearance of age spots and dark spots, brightens a dull complexion, evens skin tones, smoothen skin’s texture, and firms skin.


A fragrance will definitely please your mom and will leave you with a big hug. Renew her favorite bottle or search for a new one as rare and special as she is. You can also offer a classic perfume keeping in mind the notes that suits her individual personality. It may be oriental, floral, citrus or fruity.


To give her wrinkly-cute skin a makeover, choose an anti-aging moisturizer which is enriched with calcium and will help in accelerating cell renewal and will revive her complexion. Trust me on this she is definitely gonna love you for this sweet gesture.

Other than these gifts you can also book an appointment for her at a makeup salon where she can just relax and have her skin get beautified by a professional makeup artist. Have a surprise hair styling arranged for her as well. She will go ga-ga over the attention and pampering she’s gonna enjoy.

Hope these gift suggestions will help you to celebrate this day(and the beautiful mothers in our life) in style.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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