Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Ideas For Every Bride

The makeup that you wear on your wedding day should be like the one that you look back fondly at, even if it is 20 years from now and you should still be in awe of the beauty seen on your face. Therefore, it is pertinent that you have chosen an experienced and professional makeup and hair artist to doll you up for your big day. In addition, you should also opt for a makeup and hair theme that will best suit your facial features.

Let’s look at some ideas for both hair and makeup, that you can use to make sure that you look stunningly beautiful on the wedding day.

The Wedding Dress

Bridal beauty is about balance. Make sure that the color palette you choose for your makeup matches the color of the dress.  If your dress is cream or white, stick to pastel or soft and light colors. If the wedding dress is white, your choice of colors should be cool hues like light blue, grey, and muted purple. If your dress has a hue of beige, your choice of colors should be beige, champagne and soft turquoise. Once you have chosen the color palette of your makeup, the next focus should be your lips.

The choice of your lipstick should be in pastel and not bright colors. The only exception to the rule is if you are wearing a red dress, then you can sport red lips. Remember, your makeup should be as light and ethereal as possible.

Eye makeup

On your wedding day, you want your eyes to look captivating and appear fresh. For your mascara, you can use grey, black or brown. Do not over-experiment with colors for the eyeshadow as it will make you lose the bridal image of innocence and serenity. Stick to colors that match the dress. Pastel colors like champagne or soft beige are good colors to use on the eyes.

In the event that you want to sport smoky eyes, you could use a jade-green to achieve the look instead of grey charcoal shade. Then apply pink gloss over your lips and peach blush over your cheeks.

The Bohemian

If you are a free-spirited bride, you could try the radiant glow. This look has a neutral shimmering eyeshadow with a hint of red lipstick to enhance your glowing skin. Include a soft definition to your eyes by adding softly smudged eyeliner. You don’t want to be overshadowed by your gorgeous headpiece.  If the radiant glow isn’t your style, you could try a berry-hued lipstick to rock your look.

Classic bride bombshell

This look is characterized by hints of pale pink blush and a touch of gloss on the lips to deliver the bare-faced beauty. The makeup is very minimalistic and barely visible.  Make sure your eyes are bright. You can achieve this by applying a touch of liner on the outer corner of your eyes. This will achieve an understated cat-eye. Pair this with cherry blush and matching lipstick to attain a clean and fresh look.

The almost-glamor bride

If you fall into this category then sparkle, shine, and shimmer are not exactly up your alley but you like to make a statement without being over the top.  You can sport a glossy, bold, pink lip color or you could try a sultry smoky look. This look comprises a deep eggplant eyeshadow, contoured cheekbones, and pink lips. If you appreciate shimmer, you could try a shimmery shadow concentrated in the middle of the eyelid and add matte shadow to add definition.

Your big day should be characterized by happiness and beauty. Try to stay away from heavy makeup unless your outfit is a collaboration of boldly colored pieces. Let your makeup and hair make you look stunning and as natural as possible! Additionally, have a look at this wedding beauty timeline infographic, which will help you in making the right decisions at the right time.

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