Having a Spring Time Wedding? Choose Makeup Colors Accordingly!

“For any bride, the next thing that is as important as choosing a groom is the makeup. After all, it is the makeup that makes or breaks your look on one of the most important days of your life.”

With flowers and trees in full bloom and cold getting away, bringing in a nice warmer weather, spring makes the perfect weather for weddings. But as the weather changes, all the wedding preparations get affected. Right from the fabrics, to seasonal flowers and to beauty routines, all changes with the weather, and makeup is no exception to this. A change in color of your wedding gown, calls for a whole new color palette for makeup.

Yet another thing to add to your wedding beauty to-do list, right? We know you’re already on the prep-spree and worried about how everything’s gonna be on your big day. But to be a beautiful springtime bride, you need to make the right makeup choices. Well, don’t worry you gorgeous, warm-weather brides! We’ve got you covered. Below we have jotted down what color you can choose for your springtime wedding and what not, based on your skin tone, just to simplify your spring bridal beauty woes.

For light skin tone

Eyes – Silver or soft pink
Lips – Light pink or light peach

For medium skin tone

Eyes – Lavender or champagne
Lips – Nude or soft coral

For dark skin tone

Eyes – Bronze or gold
Lips – Dark apricot or tangerine

Also, keep these tips handy

1. Revitalize your skin by treating it with a nice facial after the winter cold.
2. Finish off the entire look with a shimmer eyeshadow or a lip gloss
3. Use natural brown shades, if you’re looking for a little tan, instead of using orange bronzers.
4. Springs are all about fresh and natural looks, so don’t overdo it.

While there’s absolutely no wrong time to tie the knot, but spring holds a special place in our hearts, that’s why most of us like to choose this season for our weddings and other special occasions. And why not, all those blooming flowery arrangements and cheerful and fresh-faced makeup are almost impossible to resist.

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