Here’s the Best Way to Apply Blush to Suit Your Face Shape

Picking up the favorite shade of your blush and applying it may seem too simple, but it really isn’t. It is very important to know that applying blush must suit for your face shape.

You must be wondering that blush is always applied to the apples of the cheeks so what can be the correct technique to apply blush. But no, this isn’t always the case. It is not necessary that blush can only be applied to the apples of the cheeks. There is a different way to apply blush on different shaped faces.

The first thing that needs to be done before applying blush on is to identify your face shape and then apply the blush on accordingly for a perfect look.

square-shaped face has the cheekbones, chin, and forehead of the same width.

The round-shaped faces are wide and long at the same time.

The heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and high cheekbones. The face also tapers down to a narrowing chin.

The long shaped face, also known as ‘rectangular’ face, is similar to the oval or square shaped faces. The only difference that it possesses is that the long shaped faces are less wide and a bit long. The forehead, cheeks, and jawline are more or less of the same width.

An oval-shaped face is often regarded as an ideal one. It has prominent cheekbones and forehead and it is slightly wider than the chin.

Applying Blush on Different Face Cuts

Square Shaped Face

If you have a square-shaped face, it’s recommended that blush is applied to the upper parts of the cheek. You should apply to start from the apple cheeks towards the corner of the eyes to give the face an elongated look.

Long Shaped Face

If the shape of your face is long, blush should be applied to the apples of your cheekbones and more towards the vertical lines of your ears. You should never start applying the blush from below the tip of your nose. This technique will help to give the illusion of a not very long shaped face.

Heart Shaped Face

If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, and you wish to give it an illusion of an oval shape, you need to apply the blush too and from the end of your cheekbones, which should end at the ears.

Oval Shaped Face

An oval-shaped face requires blush on to be applied on the top of the cheekbones, blended towards the ears. A lady with an oval shape face should never apply the blush on to the lower part of the face because doing so will give definition to the jaws and make the face look bigger.

Round Shaped Face

A round face lady wishes to give her face an elongated look. To achieve this you need to apply the blush under the cheekbones in an up and down motion. Do not ever apply the blush on to the apples of the cheeks for a round face, it will only make it look bigger.

These tips will surely give a fantastic look much different from that you have in a daily routine. If it works for you, do tell us here.

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