How much to spend on Bridal Makeup and Hair

When planning your Wedding and searching for your make up and hair artist, big question arises is how much should this cost? After all you already spend so much. Right?! What things to consider when picking out your makeup and hair artist for your Wedding Day. In Toronto and GTA areas Bridal make up and hair services range between $180 – $800 and sometimes more. You are wondering what is the difference when you pay lower amount or higher amount for your services. Makeup is makeup right? You also have specific budget for your wedding day expenses. When looking at list of potential team of artists few things to consider. How long company been around, how many brides have this company done, how big is their portfolio, skills and expertise and client reviews are also helpful. It is always good to meet the artist and see if you connect, book bridal makeup and hair trial with your potential choice.

For personal experience any services I have gotten for myself from nails, hair color, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, spa or any beauty services I find that you always pay for what you get. Quality work costs! Yes sometime company has promotion where you can get a discount but main reason for lower price is the expertise, tools and cosmetics one artists uses over another artist.

I have makeup and hair studio in Barrie Ontario and I am mobile for brides and their bridal parties. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and use only Sephora’s top brands of cosmetics for my clients. Two Faced, Christian Dior, Armani, Urban Decay, Nars, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills to name a few brands of make up I use on my clients. As many of you know the cost of quality makeup is quite pricy, but I don’t mind spending because I am after flawless results on my clients. Top quality products deliver best results. I tried almost everything you can imagine and just come back to same answer you pay for what you get. Additionally I take time to create bridal look anywhere from 3 to 4 hours is minimum appointment. I am constantly investing into my craft by learning and improving my skills. I spend lengthy hours practicing new bridal makeup and hair techniques and discovering better products. I am researching latest bridal trends and techniques from all over the world. I believe that Bride deserves the best and her look should be flawless. After all we are talking about having photos, which you have only one day to capture, and lifetime to enjoy. Of coarse you don’t have to spend your last money on your look but do your research, review artist work, meet them and consider many factors before picking out your artist. Happy Wedding Planning!!!

Yours Truly Katerina Rapoport owner and master artist of Katerina Rapoport Inc

Barrie Ontario Make up and Hair Artist for Weddings and Events


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