How to apply eyeshadow and choose palette?

Eyeshadows are an essential cosmetic product to enhance your eyes. Bad eye makeup will surely spoil your looks. While good eye makeup will give you perfect looks, and enhance your personality. A good eye make-up can even add the oomph factor to a simple outfit and no face makeup.

It is a complicated answer to exactly pinpoint which color eyeshadow will suit your eyes, complexion, or match your dress and lipstick color. It is also essential to apply the eyeshadow in the correct technique to get the right effect. This article discusses the correct steps to be followed to apply an eyeshadow and how to choose the best color palette for your eyeshadow based on your color of the eyes.

How to apply eyeshadow correctly?

1. Clean and moisturize
It is very important to prepare your skin before applying makeup. Always clean, and moisturize your face before applying the makeup. Cleaning removes all dirt, debris and excess oil from your face. Moisturisers help to prevent the skin from drying out as well.

2. Apply a primer
Apply a primer for all kinds of eye makeup whether it is simple or dramatic smokey eye. A primer holds the makeup together for a long time and acts as a protective layer between your delicate eyelids and cosmetics that you apply.

3. Start from neutral and move to dark shades
First, apply a neutral shade all over your eyelid and then apply the darker colors towards the outer corner of the eyes.

4. Liner for your eyes
Line your lower waterline with a kohl pencil and then use a liquid eyeliner to line the upper eyelid.

5. Finish off the eyelashes with a mascara
Apply thick mascara to your eyelashes to give it a puffy and fuller look. Eyelashes look incomplete without the application of mascara.

How to choose the color palette for your eyeshadows based on the color of the eyes?

Shopping for the perfect eyeshadow color palette is not an easy job. To sort out the confusion these tips to choose the best colors based on your eye color will make shopping so much easier:

Brown eyes

You can opt for nude color eyeshadows if you have brown colored eyes. These can be finished with a shimmer to add glitter.

Grey eyes

Eyeshadows for women with grey color eyes should be similar to the color of their eyes for the best look. Shades of grey look the best on women with grey eyes. Shades of black can also be applied for a smokey eye look.

Black eyes

The women with full black eyes are blessed. They can flaunt any color to complement their black eyes, ranging from nude, to pink to red.

Brown eyes

The women with brown eyes should follow the similar principles applied to black-eyed women. They can choose from a plethora of colors to fill their eyeshadow palette of colors. Shades of navy, bronze, teal, golden, burgundy and pink are the most recommended eyeshadow colors for brown eyed women.

Blue eyes

This eye color is quite rarely found. These women can apply brown, gold, peach and copper eyeshadows for the best looks.

Hazel eyes

These colored eyes can play with a lot of shades. They can opt for hues of gold, pink, cream, green or even brown eyeshadows. They are recommended to use pink highlighters blended with the eyeshadow applied to the inner corner of the eyes for a wide-eyed effect.

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