How to apply foundation flawlessly?

Applying foundation is an art as the name depicts, it’s the foundation – the base- of your makeup and if the base is not proper then the end result won’t come out as you might have expected. These few tips will help you know how to apply foundation flawlessly so that you always win the makeup game.

You should always test your foundation and other beauty products before using them during your pregnancy. And if you are in your beautiful phase of pregnancy, you might need to know which beauty product you should avoid during pregnancy and which to use. Let’s get on to know the points that will help us to apply makeup flawlessly.

1. Choose the right color

It is very essential to find the perfect shade to match the complexion of your skin. It is probably the most important step which you have to get right to get the flawless results. To buy the perfect color for your skin tone, test the foundation on your jawline to see how well it matches your face and neck. It should blend perfectly with your natural skin tone. It should be a tad lighter or a tad darker for best results. It should not be too light not too dark.

The foundation should be liquid or cream based if you have dry skin, and if you have oily skin a powder-based foundation should be ideal. A non-comedogenic foundation is ideal for acne prone skin.

2. Foundation primer

Before you apply the foundation, the moisturizer you apply should be fully absorbed in the skin. The application of a primer is optional but it is highly recommended to prevent the wrinkles and lines from showing up on the skin. The primer also minimizes the appearance of large pores on the skin. The makeup artists recommend using a silicone-based foundation for the best effect.

3. Techniques to apply foundation with fingers, sponge, and foundation brush

The different kind of foundations i.e., the powder base, the liquid and cream based foundations are applied using different techniques to gain the maximum benefit.

The liquid, cream and compact foundations are applied using the fingers for a matte finish. It is important to deposit a small portion of the foundation on the back of the hands and use the middle and ring fingers to apply the foundation on your face using the feathery strokes. You should work downwardly from the forehead to the chin.

A compact base foundation can be applied using a sponge. Deposit a small portion of the foundation on the sponge and apply it lightly in feathery strokes just in the same way you would do with your fingers. The cream and liquid foundation too can be applied with a sponge. The sponge needs to be dampened with thermal water for a sheer finish.

A brush is commonly utilized to apply powdered foundation. Deposit a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand, and pick it up with one side of the brush only. Then apply the powder blush on your face outwardly with criss-cross strokes.

When this is done, repeat the same process with the other side of the blush, without loading it again with the foundation powder.

4. Apply the foundation first

It is recommended to apply the foundation first and then the concealer to cover the blemishes and pores on your face. This will give you a 100% flawless look.

These simple tips to apply foundation in the correct way will give you a 100% flawless look, and in no time you can be a pro at applying foundation with these techniques with practice.

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