How to look like a Cover Girl?

Have you ever wondered how it must be to pose for a magazine and be a cover girl? I bet you have! Questions like is it possible to look like a cover girl must have crossed your mind many a time. Each time you pick up a magazine and look at that cover, you know you want this. You know you want to look like a cover girl. Guess what? You can now! In this blog, we will be uncovering the tricks behind the cover girl look. And will possibly answer every question related to you ‘How to look like a Cover Girl?’ Just hang on and read along:

The classic bridal look

Begin with clean skin, and make depth with a contour powder. Create a more subtle and refined impression with a round brush and try to avoid angular brushes. Make a shape of three on your face running the brush from your temple to your cheekbone and then to your jawline. Complete it with a swift swipe of highlighter on your cheekbones. If it is a bridal makeup, a classic red on the lips will never go wrong instead it will increase the beauty of your lips. Once you’re done with the lips, go for the eyes. To complete the gorgeous classic bridal look put your full volume lashes along with some kohl, mascara and champagne eyeshadow.

The summer blush look

One of the most wanted looks of all time, the summer blush look highlights your cheeks and lips. This is an effortless day look. The most common feature of this look is that the color of your blush is same as the color of your lips giving it a fresh touch. Rest of the face is kept very basic and subtle. For this look keep your face tone very natural and do not use heavy contour. Keep your eyes simple with only fixing foundation and few strokes of mascara. Once you are done with your eyes, take an understated color more like light shades of pink, red and peaches for both your lips and blush. Apply the blush with a huge puffy brush and fill in your lips after. And there you go! The perfect summer blush look.

The Bronzed look

The bronzed look basically features the idea of flawless and raw skin. For this look use copper toned eyeshadow, and for cheeks, you can opt for foundation rather than a bronzer. Keep it simple yet classy by applying the eyeshadow on the eyelids and underneath the eye. Use a flesh-toned eye pencil over your waterline to make them more open and bright. For the cheeks as suggested use a warmer shade of foundation than your skin tone. This will give you a more natural bronzed look. To complete the look, use a tinted moisturizer along with highlighter on the cheekbones and cupid’s bow. It will enhance the dewy glow of the look. If you have oily skin and do not want to mess this look up with your face oil, then use over the makeup products to remove the excess oil from your face.

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