How to Make Sure Your Makeup Survives the Party?

Getting ready for a party? You would love to put on the best makeup and make sure it stays on forever, right? The professionals have put down tips to make sure that by the end of the party, your makeup does not wear out and survives the party. Check them out right here –

1. Prepare your skin-

Preparing your face before applying the makeup is essential. This will ensure that your makeup will stay put on your face throughout the party. The correct way to prepare your face is to first apply a light moisturizer all over the face. This should be followed by the application of a face primer matching your skin tone.

2. Apply the lip liner on your entire lips

It is recommended that you choose a lip liner of the color of your choice and apply it all over the lips as you would apply a lipstick. Then you can apply the lipstick over that. This will make sure that the color of the lipstick stays vibrant and lasts much longer.

3. Wear a lip gloss over the lipstick

To be on a safer side and make sure that the lipstick stays on for a long time, apply a thin layer of clear lip gloss over the lipstick. This will not only seal the color of the lipstick for a longer period but will add shine to the lips too.

4. Highlight under your eye

To add an extra boost to your eyes, it is recommended by the makeup expert artists to put a layer of highlighting powder under your eyes and blend it using your fingertips.

5. Apply hydrated spray

After the completion of your makeup, it is recommended to spray hydrated water all over your face. These hydrated sprays are available with the leading cosmetic brands. It gives your face a fresh look and makes the makeup stay longer.

6. Go for waterproof make-up

This is very important for your eye makeover. You may be like dancing all night at the party and would never want your eye makeup to smudge. Apply waterproof eyeliner, and mascara to make sure your eye makeup stays on for longer.

7. Do not keep touching your face

We all spontaneously have a habit of touching our face. Without realizing we spread germs, viruses, and allergens on our face ruining the makeup. Be more alert and conscious during the parties not to touch your face to prevent the makeup from being ruined.

8. Take your time to apply the makeup

Simple slapping makeup on your face in no time and rushing out of the door will not do any good. It is important to apply each cosmetic item and wait for 2 to 3 minutes before applying the next item. This will go a long way in helping the makeup stay longer and stay put all through the party.

These simple tips to apply makeup will go a long way. Prepare your skin properly before applying makeup, and use products which last longer. Apply the cosmetics in the right way and with patience and enough time in hand. Your makeup will stay longer and survive the party, and you will look beautiful all through. Making sure your makeup survives the party is as important as you should know the don’ts list of makeup and tips on applying makeup foundation to rock your look.

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