Prepare your Skin to Do Makeup Like a Pro

Preparing your skin before the application of make-up is very essential. A make-up will only give a flawless beautiful appearance if the preparation that goes on before the application of make-up is perfect. The ways to prepare your face before make up are:


This is the first and foremost step of utmost importance. Make sure that the face is cleaned thoroughly using a suitable face wash to remove the dirt particles which sick on to your face from the outside pollution. Good face wash also unclogs the pores of your skin.

Rub ice

Rubbing ice on your sin brings several benefits. It is a preparation step used by many make-up artists before applying make-up. After cleaning your face with a face wash, make sure to rub your face with a few eye cubes. This step is very important to improve blood circulation and add a glow to your face. It also gives a soothing effect to the eyes and reduces the puffiness of the eyes. It shrinks the pores on your skin too.


This is an important step to perform before applying make-up. It should ideally be done twice a week. Follow up the cleansing with exfoliation which helps the facial skin to get rid of excess build-up, and removes the dead skin cells. But while using an exfoliator, do not over exfoliate your skin, it will do more damage than good. Too much exfoliation will strip away the essential layers of the skin and can cause excessive oiliness leading to break-outs.


Once you have completed exfoliating your skin, a toner or serum is very useful to hydrate the skin. Toner is useful for oily skin types and a serum works well for women with dry skin. The toner or serum contains vitamin C which smoothens the skin, seals the moisture and minimizes signs of aging too.

Eye cream

This step comes before moisturising. The eye cream helps to moisturise your skin around the eyes and evens out the skin tone which makes you look more awake. Apply only a thin layer evenly around the eyes to get the perfect results.


The skin has to be well-hydrated to prevent rough and patchy make-up. A non-comedogenic moisturiser suits all skin types.

Lip balm

This step is very often overlooked by many of us. But this is a very important step to take before applying any lip liner or lipstick. Make sure to hydrate your lips. When you have dry, chapped lips a good lip balm will instantly soften and soothe the dry lips. Make sure the lip balm stays put for at least five minutes before applying lip liner and lipstick to get the desired lips effect.


The last step to prepare your skin for makeup is a good primer. Primers are very helpful to help the make-up stay on for longer and glide on more smoothly. The skin will feel hydrated and ready for make-up after the application of a primer.

The proper preparation of your face will make it easier to apply makeup and will give your face a more radiant look. Now that you know how to use make like a pro and prepare your skin before makeup, also learn about the best time of the day to apply skincare products to give you a flawless skin off makeup.

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