Spring to Summer – How Makeup Changes with the Season?

Change is the only thing consistent in every form of life. Each season presents an opportunity to play with makeup and change the look and use different products as per needs of an individual and changes occurring in the weather outside.

It’s the start of warmer days ahead, a fresh start after cold winter days. Spring co-relates to bikinis, beach, beauty, and tan. Products that don’t get washed out too easily are your best friends this season. Go for a Waterproof mascara that can take you through longer hours by the beach without smearing.

  • Smoky eyes – Blend three different hues of blue or yellow across your lids for a bold gradient. Or opt for bright baby lids – kicks off color beneath the wings.
  • Bold lip color – It’s the time to step up your lip color game. This season is all about experimenting and creating a bold look, so it’s time to bid goodbye to the lighter shades and opt for bold corals and red. A classic red lip never goes out of fashion making it a style favorite again this season. Red will instantly add a touch of glamour to the look. It’ll go with anything and can be worn for any occasion. There’s a shade of red for every skin and one must invest in it.

During Summers, when the temperature is at its peak the skin typically has improved skin tone due to high exposure in the Sun. Many people enjoy warmer skin tones, however, Skin darkening is a sign of damage and precaution must be taken to protect it. A dermatologist should be consulted if irritation occurs or signs of sunburn are noted. It is important to pick products that contain broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen throughout the year to decrease the chance of harmful skin diseases like cancer. Mineral makeup lines provide the most convenient protection. Opt for products free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, and talc that causes skin irritation. Pick products as per your skin type and requirements.

It’s a great time to use bronzers to define your face. Colors like peach and gold look great on the eyelids. A light green color applied in the lower lid creates the perfect summertime look. Use a foundation that is light on the skin and doesn’t look cakey after stepping out in the Sun for long hours.

For the beginners, those who are just trying their hands with makeup – go for a no makeup look, smudge eyeliner with a sponge tip which helps to soften the eye look while leaving eyes defined, a Sheer neutral blush and gloss. Use lots of pinks and peaches on lips as they compliment almost all skin tones. If you are someone that loves to use lip liners go for a shade similar to your actual lip color for a natural and fresh look.

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