The Best Effective Eye Makeup Hacks for Beginners

You must have been applying makeup since you were a teenager. But do you know the correct techniques to apply makeup? Does your makeup suit your features, age, and skin color? Eye makeup forms the most important and the trickiest part of the makeup procedure. The correct eye makeup will make your eyes look beautiful. If you are new to wearing eye makeup, these tricks will help you master this art. These hacks are surely going to make a huge difference to your life. Your eyes will surely be glamorous and beautiful. You can turn from being a beginner to a pro:

1. Use a primer

The first step in the eye makeup involves the application of an eye-primer. The primer helps to prevent creasing and drying of the eye makeup.

2. Eyeliner application tips

a. Apply the eye-liner as close as possible to the lashes to make it appear closest to a natural lash line. Draw a dotted mark from the outer corner of the eyelid to the inner corner. Then join the marks and use the slanting brush to blend the dotted line.

b. Make sure your eyeliner is thinly drawn so that you can attain a perfect shape. You can refrigerate the liner to prevent crumbling.

c. If you are a beginner at eye make-up, it is recommended to use a pencil gel eye-liner.

d. To accomplish smokey eyes look, opt for a pencil liner which is softer and easier to smudge using the smudging brush.

3. Mascara tips

a. Start to apply the mascara from the roots of your lashes.

b. After the first application of the mascara wait for a while and then again apply the second coat.

c. Wipe off the excess mascara from the wand of the mascara on a plain tissue paper.

d. Before the application of mascara, always use a curler to curl your eyelashes.

e. Always hold your mascara brush horizontally for attaining thicker lashes.

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4. Eyeshadow tips

a. Start applying eyeshadow from the center of the eyeball and spread outwards with the brush.

b. Use darker shade eyeshadow for the center of the eyeball; use a lighter shade for the area above that and lightest shade for the last layer. Blend them well.

5. Eye and lip color co-ordination

If you are wearing a loud eye makeup, keep the lipstick lighter and vice versa.

6. Remove excess eye makeup

If you applied an excess of a product such as eyeshadow, always use a blotting paper to remove the same without disturbing the eyeliner.

7. Application of eyeliner first

Always apply the eyeliner first before applying the eyeshadow.

8. No foundation use

Never use compact or foundation powder or cream on your eyes.

9. Removal of eye makeup tips

a. Pick up high-quality eye makeup remover from renowned brands.

b. You can use a cotton ball dabbed with eye makeup remover and gently remove the eye makeup.

c. In case you do not have a makeup remover, take some coconut oil, dab it on your face and eyes and leave it on for some time. Then gently remove all traces of makeup using a cotton ball. You can also use almond oil or petroleum jelly.

These were some easy eye-makeup hacks to help you turn into a pro. Have these tricks up your sleeve and you can decorate your eyes so beautifully.

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