The best makeup holiday guide

Welcome this season of fun, festivals, shiny gifts and fancy dresses with a gorgeous makeup. Every holiday season is a most awaited thing in any girl’s life. With parties, colors, festivals, it brings an opportunity to flaunt your beauty and try out different makeups. But getting a perfect holiday makeup can sometimes be tricky and can go over the top. So this year before the holiday season hits, we have brought to you an ultimate makeup holiday guide to steal the show. Let our professional makeup artists guide you and let you know what to do and what not to this holiday:

Step out from your comfort zone

Let this holiday be all about something different. Try something new this season and experiment with your usual look. Let it be fake eyelashes, new shades of lipstick, new brow shapes or a splash of color on your eyes, set yourself free and step out of your regular look. Practice new looks and know what makes you feel and look the best. This holiday season set yourself on the loose.

Try some glitter

A little glitter on your eyelids can give you the perfect holiday look. Try different shades of glitter and bring the sparkle back into your life. Although playing with glitter can be a bit tricky as sometimes you tend to do it a little more and easily go overboard with the sparkle. Try to keep it subtle and nice and always remember less is more. Try light shimmering colors like blue, cherry, yellow, peach, brown and gold. Highlight your features with liquid or cream illuminating makeup products.

Give your eyes wings

Give wings to your eyes this holiday season! Try out some new eyeliner styles like winged, double winged or the Egyptian look for that matter. Winged liquid eyeliner has always been a famous part of iconic holiday makeup looks. You can also try looks like Cat Eye Styled, Dramatic EyeLiner Look, Shimmering eyeliners and many more. So get down to the business and practice a perfect winged liner. Get into the spirit of this holiday season by adding some wings to your style!

Add some blush

Add some blush to your cheeks to get that natural glow and flashy cheeks. This season, don’t let the cold wind steal your glow. Try shades of pink, peach, rose gold, light bronze and red to blush your cheeks. Go for cream based blush rather than powdered one, so that it blends well with your skin and give a peachy perfect and smooth look.

At the end of the day, holidays are all about fun and new experiences. So take out your makeup kit and try as many looks as possible. Hit your favorite playlist and have fun with new colors and makeup styles. Try colors like peach, rose pink, cherry, bright red or any fruity color of your choice. Throw in your best kicks with a perfect holiday look. Make yourself feel and look good with the best makeup holiday guide by us.

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