The Best Makeup Tips to Look Less Tired

Every woman has come across mornings when she wakes up with droopy eyes, dark circles, and looking exhausted. Usually, women are not only restricted to house chores but are equally very active in their career field too. Due to this additional responsibility of balancing & managing both home and work, it is obvious that tiredness and exhaustion tend to show on their faces. Exhaustion first shows on the face and no woman wants to make her skin appear dull and dry.

Using the make-up kit wisely can make you look less tired. There are plenty of make-up tricks you can follow to cover up the insomniac looks.

1. Cover the dark circles – The first thing which appears on the face, are dark circles. You can use a concealer which is a lighter shade than your normal color to cover those dark circles
2. Uses a bright colored lipstick -There are different kinds of lipstick available in the market to choose from – nude, matte, glossy, and even glittery lip shades. In order to make you look less tired, it is ideal to use bright colored lipstick so that it would stand out and hide the paleness of your face which is present due to exhaustion.
3. Blush on the cheeks – By applying blush on your cheeks, you can hide the paleness of your face and make your face appear more alive.
4. Long lashes – You need to apply mascara and curl it upwards using an eyelash curler in order to make the tired eyes look bigger and more beautiful.
5. White eyeshadow or eyeliner – If you wish to make your eyes look more awake, and not droopy and sleepy, get hold of a good white colored eyeliner or eyeshadow and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes.
6. Contour – Proper contouring can make your cheeks pop up, and you can add blush, later on, to complete the glow on your face.
7. Hydrated spray – Women always want their face to glow and not look tired, dry, and dull. A good quality hydrated spray can be applied to your face to refresh it up.
8. No smokey eyes – It is never recommended to go for smokey eyes when you are exhausted. It will make you look even more exhausted. It is best to go for lighter shades.
9. Cold water splash – When you wake up with an exhausted look, it is better to wash your face with cold water to close pores and soothe eyes. Cold water works as a great anti-aging tool and gives you a fresh glowing look.
10. Moisturise your face – It is very important to find the right moisturizer for all skin types, be it – dry, oily or normal. A skin which lacks moisture will always look dull.
11. Highlight the eyebrows – Highlighting the eyebrows will add a natural radiance to your face. You can start with lighter eyeshades, and finish with darker shades.

These makeup tricks will surely make you look vibrant and will definitely help in making your skin look more radiant while giving it a fresh and hydrated look and find out other makeup tips that will make your cheekbones pop.

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