Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Makeup According to the Season

The wedding day is a special day for any bride. You are the queen on this special occasion and of course, you wish to look like one. The perfect make-up is the key to the glamorous perfect look for your wedding. Whether you are having a wonderland wedding in winters, a springtime party or a summer soiree, the season is ought to impact everything – your wedding dress, the food layout, the decorations and the wedding make up too. You would not serve your guests’ hot soup on a summer day, would you? You would surely not wear an airy chiffon sleeveless gown on a snowy day. Just like food and dresses, your make up too changes with the season. Wouldn’t you splutter a good amount of moisturizer on a wintry day and apply lots of sunscreen on a hot and sultry day to protect you from the sun damage? The same concept applies to your wedding makeup as well.

The spring season marks the blossoming of the trees and flowers. It is the perfect season to tie the knot with your loved one. Natural tone makeup with light pink or lavender colors will be the perfect makeup to welcome the summer. With it goes best the bright- colored gowns. This season gives you a perfect combination of shimmer and nude make up. A light shimmery-shade shadow on your eyes, with a matte finish. Light and rosy lipstick paired with a bright pink blush on is the perfect look you should opt for a springtime wedding.

The summer season represents an array of colorful flowers and long evenings. There is nothing more romantic than a summer wedding. But with the strong rays of the sun and heat, it is important that your make up stays for long. Nude make-up paired with light-colored gowns are the perfect pick to make you look like a queen. A touch of pale-pink blush paired with just a simple light color gloss on your lips make you ready for an eternally beautiful makeup look.

The winter season marks the falling snow and inviting fireplaces. It can be a truly magical wedding set. Bold and bright makeup, with great dark-colored dresses as a direct contrast to the snowy flakes will be the best pick for your wedding day. Shimmering neutral eyeshadows with a touch of bright red lipstick will embrace your glowing skin. Smoky eyes too will suit the perfect wintry evening wedding. Smokey black eyes will add drama and definition to your eyes.

Deciding on your bridal makeup can sometimes be tricky and confusing. A wrong pick of colors and make up style can totally ruin your look on your big day too. You need to pick up something that is true to your style and perfect for the season too. These tips will be of great use to you to get a flawless beauty bridal look on your big day.

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