To Book or Not to Book Bridal Makeup and Hair Trial

Cost of the Weddings can add up very quickly from picking your top wedding planner, perfect venue, best photographers, visionary videographers, beautiful flowers, trendy decor, dream wedding dress and many more little things that rise up unexpectedly. When you first started to plan your big day, you had no clue that your once in the lifetime event had to have that stunning and expensive backdrop for Pinterest style wedding photos. Everything adds up and suddenly you’re over your budget. From my personal experience wedding makeup and hair services brides end up choosing last. There is nothing wrong with first picking everything else and then finding ultimate makeup and hair artist, which fits your style. You narrowed down your search to few artists and now big question, to have bridal makeup and hair trial or not? You seen their work, their reviews and it feels right to go ahead. After all you already spend so much money till this point. Why spend money on the bridal makeup and hair trial? We have done many brides who chose not to have bridal trial appointment and they looked stunning. From professional experience brides who choose to have bridal makeup and hair trial feel more confident about what they are getting on the Wedding Day. It is your opportunity to connect with artist and see what they can do for you and most importantly that the look you had envisioned for yourself looks best on you. Mainly that artist has expertise to create that look you picked out. Keep in mind that at times brides have planned for specific look and during trial appointment realize that the style does not fit with their face to achieve what they thought. Bridal makeup and hair trial is no pressure environment where girls can have fun and find out what kind of bridal makeup and hairstyle is best for them. After all you don’t want to be shocked on your Wedding Day with no time to change anything. Many things to consider for your bridal look which are season of the wedding, theme of the wedding, wedding dress, wedding accessories, hairpiece or not, veil or not, to have different look in the morning for ceremony and different look for the evening. Do your prefer bold colors or nudes shades for your makeup, matt, shimmery, sparkly or combination eye shadows, lipstick or gloss, lot of highlight or very little, contour or not, matt or dewy finish? What kind of wedding hairstyle were you thinking was it updo or hair down, flowing to the side or slicked back, big elaborate or messy hair? Yes trends are great and Instagram bridal makeup and hair are brides big source of inspiration and ideas now. But remember you are you and you have your vision and most importantly what will make you look your best on once in lifetime day. Bridal makeup and hair trial is your chance to get to know the artist and their personality, test their expertise, see what kind of makeup cosmetics and tools they use, see them in action and get the confidence for your Wedding Day. Not to mention that you have to live with your Wedding photos for rest of your life! Many brides enjoy bridal makeup and hair trial at times they combine it with another event such as engagement photoshot or bridal shower so their makeup and hair is not wasted that day. Just a thought! So it is totally up to you to have bridal makeup and hair trial or not all I can say is that your big day should be smooth and worry free, you should just enjoy and savor every moment as this day goes by quicker then you can imagine. The rest leave it to masters of their craft. You selected these professionals from big number of wedding experts to make your day flawless and now trust them to do their magic.

Yours truly Katerina Rapoport Bridal Makeup and Hair Designer

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