Top Tips to Choose the Best Lip Color

There is no single hard and fast rule to pick out the best lipstick shade to match your skin tone and enhance your looks. There are few tips put down by our make-up artists to help you make the best pick of a lipstick.

Determining the tone of your skin

The first step in choosing a lipstick should be to determine your skin tone. We have five kinds of skin tone, they are fair, light, medium, tan or deep color skin. The lipstick shades which usually go well with fair and light skinned people include pink, coral, peach, nude and dusty red colors.

  • The ones with a medium skin tone should opt for cherry red, mauve and rose colored lipstick.
  • The girls who have a tanned skin can pick coral, deep pink and bright red colors. They should never pick a brownish lipstick.
  • The ones having a deep colored skin tone are best suitable for caramel, wine and blue based red colors.

A quick way to determine the undertone of the skin is to look at the veins of your hands. If they are blue you have got a fair and light tone, if they appear green then you have a warm colored skin undertone.

Shape of your lips

Yes, this is an important consideration before choosing a lipstick color. The ones with heavy bottom lips can opt for little nude colors in the centre of the lips, whereas those with top heavy lips can apply bright dark color lipstick on both the upper and lower lips.

The size of the lips

We either have thin lips, or plump ones. The ones with thin lips should avoid dark colored lipstick as they tend to make your lips look even thinner. Those blessed with plump lips should apply little darker colors to enhance them.

The color of your teeth

The ones with yellowish teeth should avoid purple, browns and bright red scarlet colors. The ones with shinning white teeth can go opt to put any color they like as per suitable to their lips.

Most of us have a bunch of lipstick in our make-up closet and we tend to buy new ones to add to our collection as well. We have some lipstick we wear on a daily basis and some only on special occasions. You may sometimes get attracted to a lipstick color at the make-up store and desire to get them on your lips. But do you realise whether they are suitable or not? Do they match your skin tone or not? These considerations are very important to be taken before purchasing those bunch of lipsticks. It is sheer waste of money as well as efforts when you buy a lipstick shade which does not work on you. It gives a disastrous result. This is more likely because it clashes with your skin tone, color of tooth, lips size and shape. Hence, follow the simple tips to help you get the best choice of lipstick cover and enhance those pretty lips.

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